Are you sharing or recording that Shahadah without permission?

MashAllah it is wonderful whenever some embraces Islam and takes shahadah.

But we humbly and passionately advise our community members and leaders not to rush and record/then post to social media the shahadah of a new muslim.

Firstly, what gives you the right to do such a thing without asking permission if you did not first ask it.

Secondly, you likely don't know the person well enough and the background they come from. Your choice of posting of their testimony of faith publicly could actually jeopardize them amongst people who might hate them for their conversion.

Thirdly, people often rush to record these instances as some sort of self gratification, when really they need to just calm down and absorb the moment personally with their own eyes and take it to heart.

Finally, when you put a camera in front of someone's face they may be accepting the camera in the moment out of shyness and when they get home they may realize perhaps "I should've kept it private."

Someone's embrace of Islam is not an event to be recorded and broadcast all over the web; it is a personal and deeply individual matter.

We again strongly advise people to do their homework before they do this to people. You do not know the consequence of your actions.

Respecting people's privacy is a prophetic tradition.

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2 thoughts on “Are you sharing or recording that Shahadah without permission?

  1. You are absolutely correct to say that it’s a private matter of the individual who decided to convert and it should be let private. In case the new comer tee wants it to announce in public then only he should have the right to do so at his own convenient time. It’s not easy for anyone to change his religion as he has to face the society.

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