Being Muslim Classes Start in April

Salam alaykum (peace be upon you),

SubhanAllah (All praise is due to God), it has been a hard and snowy winter, that is part of the reason why there’s not been much happening on our end.

But with the arrival of Spring and the month of Rajab, we are letting you know that Being Muslim Classes will start in April 2018.

These classes will use the book “Being Muslim” by Asad Tarsin, and will be taught by Brother Chris Venus.

We aim to have a weekly class for roughly 20 students. Who would be student? Anyone really. Especially, someone brand-new to Islam (convert/revert) or a community member who’s missed out on the chance to learn islamic basics in their life.

More details to come.

Leaving Haram work.

When a person embraces Islam, they may be involved in a form of employment that is impermissible according to principles of Islam and jurisprudence (fiqh).

If you ever encounter a new Muslim in this situation, before you utter a word to them about leaving the impermissible (haram) form of employment, you’d better have some way to help them outside of just making a supplication (dua’a) for them.

We suggest that you help them strategize a plan to achieve employment in a permissible (halal) form of work. Find a job with a living wage. It’s not enough to give them advice and then leave them hanging.

That said we are reaching out to the community to help out. We do know of new Muslims in this predicament, so if you can employ them with a living wage please contact us.


Are you sharing or recording that Shahadah without permission?

MashAllah it is wonderful whenever some embraces Islam and takes shahadah.

But we humbly and passionately advise our community members and leaders not to rush and record/then post to social media the shahadah of a new muslim.

Firstly, what gives you the right to do such a thing without asking permission if you did not first ask it.

Secondly, you likely don't know the person well enough and the background they come from. Your choice of posting of their testimony of faith publicly could actually jeopardize them amongst people who might hate them for their conversion.

Thirdly, people often rush to record these instances as some sort of self gratification, when really they need to just calm down and absorb the moment personally with their own eyes and take it to heart.

Finally, when you put a camera in front of someone's face they may be accepting the camera in the moment out of shyness and when they get home they may realize perhaps "I should've kept it private."

Someone's embrace of Islam is not an event to be recorded and broadcast all over the web; it is a personal and deeply individual matter.

We again strongly advise people to do their homework before they do this to people. You do not know the consequence of your actions.

Respecting people's privacy is a prophetic tradition.

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Bring Us Teachers Campaign​

Amplify your Reward in the Last 10 Days. 
With the potential for having acts of worship land on Laylat al Qadr in the last 10 days of Ramadan please donate to this initiative and have your sadaqah worth as if you have donated every day for 1000 months, inshaAllah. 

What’s it all for?
Our dream and intention is to access knowledgable thought leaders, inviting them to our city and help us develop opportunities for spiritual and religious growth for the sake of improving ourselves and establishing intentionally community. 

To bring such people to Calgary there is always some cost involved, such as paying for flights and honorariums for the guests we invite. 

Our story

In Autumn 2013, New Muslim Circle started as a small group of new Muslims reading the Martin Lings biography about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), but grew to providing regular and relevant peer support to our newest community members. We are in our next chapter and looking to do more with ihsan (excellence). 

The details 

In brining a guest speaker or two to Calgary, we want to partner up with local imams and youth leaders to further develop Calgary’s response to the needs of new Muslims and born-Muslims in there development of a healthy practice of Islam in a relevant cultural context. 

We just completed a successful campaign in Ramadan 2017 to fund knowledge bags filled with books for new Muslims and knowledge seeker. But having the right teachers come give us a kickstart is another deeply needed ingredient we need your help with. 

InshaAllah, we hope to have guest teachers and others in our midst as soon as scheduling allows. We will always keep donors updated of the progress and use of the funds. 

Potential guests we are considering to invite as scheduling and funding permit. (this is working list and not finalized)

  • Ustadh Usama Canon, Founding Director of Ta’leef Collective
  • Dr. Ingrid Matson, eminent academic and teacher
  • Dr. Sherman Jackson, eminent academic and teacher
  • Dr. Umar Faruq Abd Allah, eminent academic and teacher
  • Ustadh Ubaydallah Evans, a great youthful scholar from Chicago

Plus, we need some funds to pay for a year’s worth of web hosting ($129) and fee to establish our group as an official society in our province ($100). 
How do you help?

Our goal is a modest $2500. Please do what you can to spare some extra sadaqah to help us bring about the best for converts and recommitting muslims in our community. Just hit that donate button and give what you can. May Allah Reward You.

A successful potluck

MashAllah a very successful potluck with converts and congregants at Al-Salam Centre. jazakAllah khayrun to all who participated, helped and volunteered.

Also a shurkan and jazakAllah khayr to the Omar Family of Cedars Deli for the contribution they provided.

mashAllah wa tabarakAllah, we use the plates and cutlery in the kitchen facilities of the centre in an effort to curb our use of plastics and Styrofoam. As well as there was no food waste because we made sure everyone was able to take home a small Takeaway box of any leftovers.

When you have your iftaars and family dinners during the month of Ramadan. Try to use actual dishes and cutlery. Don’t just run out and get the disposable stuff. But if you have to get disposable stuff you something like palm leaf and bamboo based tableware and cutlery.

May 6th Potluck Update

Potluck with converts and congregants

MashaAllah wa tabarakAllah, the potluck is booked up and completely full. We have our plan ready. See you on May 6th, 2017.

Please no walk-ins. WE ARE AT CAPACITY.

Hosted by: Yourselves with support from New Muslim Circle and the Al-Salam Centre.

When: Saturday, May 6, 2017

Time: 6:30 SHARP, but those who are attending the al-Kauthar course we understand you’ll be a tad late.

Where: Al-Salam Centre, 6415 Ranchview Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3G 1B5